Sunday Update

What are ya’ll up to? This week I read City of Stairs, The War and the Future and The First World War. I am presently reading



(That cover is amazing)



A Game of Thrones



I am also still playing Endless Space 2, during which I am listening to AGoT audiobook.

I didn’t do any typing or editing this week, but I have been outlining a future story. I’m not usually an outline sort of person, so this is a new experience for me.

What are all of you reading?

What are you up to?

This week I read nothing. I am going to finish the First World War today, but that’s it. I was too preoccupied/ sick of reading to bother. I’m going to reboot my system this week by finishing off said book, and then take the rest of this week off reading.

I was able to outline about half of a story and write a little less then 10,000 words of said that story this week. I also got a personalized reply to one of the queries I set out for my book! Sure the query was declined, but it was personalized! Baby steps.

Have any of you had a better week?

What are you reading?


This week I read

The Eye of the World


The Little Book of Common Sense Investing


and The Invisible Library


I’ve started reading

City of Stairs


and The First World War.


After those are finished I might try reading The War and the Future


and World War One: a Short History.



What are you reading? What are you WRITING? This week I got no writing or editing done because I’ve got a pile of library books to plow through. I don’t think I’ll be able to seriously start writing for a couple weeks at least.