Book Suggestions

Do you want to learn more about genre Fantasy? Well, I am writing a series of lists to help explain Fantasy’s different sub genres as well as Fantasy’s general history. I intend to keep these lists updated with new stories and explanations indefinitely.

  • Fantasy Classics and Influential Works: Do you want to learn more about popular books from yesteryear? Here’s where you go! Just be aware that I do not recommend all the books on this list; some books on this list are very good, while others are… not.

Next, here’s a series of links to general subgenre pages, providing general definitions to what the subgenre is as well as a list of good books you can try in that genre. (I’ll come back and finish adding lists later!)

  • Literary Fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Gothic Fantasy
  • Military Fantasy
  • Flintlock Fantasy
  • Low Fantasy
  • Fairy Tale
  • Grimdark
  • Political Fantasy
  • Science Fantasy
  • Historical Fantasy
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Quest Fantasy
  • Adventure Fantasy
  • Sword and Sorcery
  • Portal Fantasy
  • Non-Western Fantasy
  • Popcorn Fantasy

And finally, here’s a list of my favorite books of all time (focusing on Fantasy, but including some SciFi)