Climbing Mount Readmore 2017, 3/100 ‘The Autumn Republic’

The Autumn Republic By Brian McClellan

Audiobook version, narrated by Christian Rodska

Finished on 1/1/2017

4.5 Powder Mages and .5 Privileged out of 5

Spoiler-tastic Review


Ah, the Powder Mage trilogy. How does one even start describing this delightful corner of Flintlock Fantasy? Do you start with the complex and interlocking magic systems? Do you explain the mythology of the setting? How about the political chicanery of the various kingdoms, gangs, religions, conspiracies and cults? Or the military movements of the various armies? But if we start with those things, we neglect the fantastic characters!

The simple fact is that the Powder Mage trilogy (of which ‘The Autumn Republic’ is the final book in the series) has it all. You should start with Promise of Blood if interested.

But no book is without flaw.

I have a couple qualms with this novel. For starters, Krezimere didn’t really have much screen time. For such a dramatic and oft talked about bad guy he was nowhere to be seen. Instead we got Brude. Brude wasn’t bad, but frankly Krezimere + Brude would have upped the stakes. Also I would have liked to know more about Ka Pole and her people. For such a keystone piece of the trilogy’s plot, there was no explanation for her abilities or culture. These are small quibbles, but I feel compelled to include them so I don’t wax poetical for the duration of this review.


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