Climbing Mount Readmore 2017, 5/100 ‘The Power of Habit’

The Power of Habit By Charles Duhigg

Paperback version

Finished on 1/7/2017

0 Bad Habits and 5 Good Habits out of 5

Spoiler-tastic Review


Not much to say here. This is a nonfiction book telling several anecdotes about the Power of Habit (see title). While not an authoritative study of the neurology of habit making, this does provide a useful starting point for someone in the mood for changing things up.

If I’m going to be critical, I will criticize his use of comparisons. The author tries to make false comparisons between multiple separate instances of people using habits. For example he tries to compare Michael Phelps with a former Alcoa CEO. It didn’t convince me. More, I would’ve liked him to actually interview experts in the field and include segments of those interviews in the text for us readers to actually read.

I hesitate to call this a self-help book, but that’s what it really is. This is a ‘DIY fix yourself, and here’s the neurology of how you can do it’ book. I won’t say it’s for everyone, but for me it was very informative.

Also, ever since reading this I’ve wanted to buy Febreze. I guess this book also doubles as a part of the Febreze marketing campaign.

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