‘Ghost Talkers’ Book Review

Rewind Book Review

Ghost Talkers by Mary Robinette Kowal

Audiobook Edition, narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal

Finished on 8/31/2016


Genres: Fantasy, Military Fantasy, Kickass Female Protagonist, World War 1 Fiction

The Germans are Invading Belgium and France, and Only the Intelligence Provided by the Souls of the Recently Departed can Forestall Defeat. Mediums, Old Ladies and Psychics must match wits with German Traitors. Will They Be Enough to Stop the Teutonic Juggernaught?!

Spoiler-tastic Review

This book was just my style. I am researching WWI for my own fiction, and this is a fantasy book featuring WWI. So beware, I’m biased.

I loved this book. Yes, it wasn’t perfect. To get the constructive criticism out of the way, the book had a slow start and was a little bit too long. But the setting was wonderful and the characters were a realistic to the wartime time period. The main characters are all female psychics and mediums, who work with the British Military to figure out German troop movements via contact with recently killed Brit soldiers. But when a British soldier is murdered and suspicion falls on a British officer (who is the fiancé of a medium), the Spirit Corp must figure out who is responsible.

A tale of intrigue and undeath emerges, richly described in hues of magic and suffering soldiers. Characters must learn to stand on their own despite personal losses. In an effort to keep this review short, I’ll end this by saying that I enjoyed the regional variation in the different characters. It really brought  the ‘World’ into World War One.


Audiobook notes: Mary Robinette Kowal, the author, did an excellent job narrating her own book.

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