‘Sunshine’ Book Review

Mount Readmore Book Review, 2017 43/100


Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Live Performance, by Mark Oshiro

Finished on 5/5/2017


Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Vampires

Sunshine Seden, baker and fan of fantasy fiction, is trapped in a room with a hungry vampire. He doesn’t want to eat her, but neither can leave until he does. Days pass. When will he break?

Spoiler-tastic review

I’ve read this book many, many times. This time I listened to Mark Oshiro’s live performance of the novel, with him releasing one chapter a month.

The Voodoo Wars ended, in which mankind gained a Pyrrhic victory over the vampires. Earth’s big cities were wiped out by the Wars, so civilization goes on in small towns instead. Humans, demons, part-demons and were-animals coexist relatively peaceably in post-war America, with humans legislating all ‘the Others’ into second-class citizens.

Sunshine is a baker in a small town. She doesn’t care about geopolitics. Sunshine cares about cinnamon rolls. Sunshine cares about inventing new desserts, like ‘Sunshine’s Eschatology’ and ‘The Death of Mirrah.’ She cares about her screwed up family, her sorta-fiance Mal, the regulars at her family restaurant like Mrs. Bialovski and Pat from the Special Other Forces. She cares about sunbathing, reading pulpy Gothic novels and moving on with life after the destruction of civilization.

Vampires capture her, and as everyone knows you don’t escape from vampires.

Her life is over.

This is where the book begins. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

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