Favorite Books So Far This year

We’ve reached the halfway point for both the year and Mount Readmore 2017. I think I’m ready to make some announcements for my favorite books so far this year.

Overall The Library at Mount Char is my favorite book of the year so far.


My favorite ‘Kickass Female Protagonist’ book of the year (so far) is  With Blood Upon the Sand


My favorite WWI book is The Price of Glory


My favorite EPIC fantasy book so far this year is Words of Radiance


The Heartbreak award goes to Miranda and Caliban


The best Audiobook I’ve listened to so far this year is The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows

and finally the award for Technically Skilled Prose goes to The Tower at Stony Wood



In other news, I’m not reading anything presently. I’m letting my backlog of books go live one by one while I take time to write and edit instead. Unfortunately I can’t read and work on my own stories at the same time, so I have to take this time off. I hope to begin reading again in about a week. I must say that I’m enjoying taking so many weeks off of reading. What books have you enjoyed so far this year?




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