‘A Game of Thrones: Season 2’ TV Review

A Game of Thrones Season 2 by HBO


Finished 7/1/2017

Genres: High Fantasy, Military Fantasy, Political Fantasy

War has come to Westeros. The Stag wars with the Stag, the Wolf with the Kraken, while the Lion bides it’s time. Who will live, and who will beg for death?

Spoiler-tastic Review


Not much happened this season, if you count merely the number of dead important people. Only one major person died. Joffery lived (unfortunately), same with the rest of the Lannisters, the Starks and the Greyjoys. The only exceptions is Renly Barratheon, aka the one non-asshole on the entire continent, so that’s a pity.

This season marks a massive upping of the stakes compared to last, as magic has returned to the world with the birth of the dragons. We meet Jaqen H’gar the face-changer, the Warlocks of Qarth, Coin-Mask Lady the fire priestess, Melisandre the dubiously evil fire priestess, we see more of the White Walkers up north and, of course, the dragons.

By the return of magic we know that the world order simply cannot remain the same. One way or the other the world will change, either by Danny’s dragons torching everything, Melisandre using black magic to kill the enemies of Stannis or the White Walkers turning everyone into zombies.

I liked this season’s plot better than last, and this season really made Circei seem more human. Her constant attempts to ‘coach’ Sansa on being a ‘good wife’ really brings insight into how much she hated her husband. The characterization of the Starks took a turn for the worse this season, as only Sansa and Rob changed at all.

Honestly this tv show is just a soap opera. A massive, highly entertaining soap opera with dragons, but a soap opera.

This was a good season.

One final note, Melisandre’s name bugs me. When I hear Melisandre I automatically think of Melisandre Shahrizai of the Kushiel books. This Melisandre isn’t nearly as awesome as that one.

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