And That’s A Wrap

I’ve scaled Mount Readmore for 2017. Of my goal to read 100 books and write 100 reviews, I’ve read 101 and written 101.

I was expecting it to be as difficult as pulling teeth, but instead I just had to read two or more books a week and I was on target. It was so easy that I read barely anything in the months of August, September or December and I still managed to complete my goals. I read several short stories, novellas and children’s books to complete my goal, but I also read some unpleasantly long door stopper epics to balance them out.

As I’ve nothing better to do, I’ve decided to start Mount Readmore 2018 one month early! And not only that, but I’m going to double my books-read this year from 100 to 200 hundred! Am I being ambitious? Probably. But I think I can succeed. Is it cheating starting a month early? Most certainly. But I don’t care.

Stay Sunny!



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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I have to admit I was a little skeptical that you would be able to do it…but you definitely pulled it off easily. I hope you learned a lot and had fun

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