‘Cadet Cruise’ Book Review

Mount Readmore Book Review, 2018 52/200


Cadet Cruise by David Drake

The Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF v.3 Edition

Finished on 4/5/2018



This story is set within Davif Drake’s nationally bestselling RCN series.

Pennyroyal knew that Cadet Leary was supposed to have remained aboard the Swiftsure…

Genres: Sci Fi, Short Story, Military Science Fiction, Heist Fiction, Crime fiction

Ocean’s 11 meets Military SciFi

Spoiler-ific review

A short review for a short story.

I’ll be honest, I was confused when I read this. This is a short story set in a larger series, and I’ve not read the larger series. This short story has a dozen characters who appeared in previous books, and I had no clue who they are. I forgive this for the sake of reviewing this story fairly.

I liked this sci-fi short story because it tells the story of a military spaceship on shore leave. The POV characters travel to a casino/brothel/den of iniquity. If I were to describe what follows, this is Ocean’s 11 meets the first Mission: Impossible.

Stay Sunny!

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