‘Plane Shift: Dominaria’ by James Wyatt

Mount Readmore Book Review 2018, 123/200


pdf Edition

Finished on 7/31/2018


Genres: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Tabletop, RPG

A setting expansion for DnD 5.0, this time in the classic Dominaria setting

Spoiler-ific review

A short review for a short product. This DnD expansion document provides some details for the setting and culture of Dominaria, the classic Magic the Gathering setting. Available free of charge from their website.

This is good for what it does. It provides a quickly read document describing some of MtG’s most famous settings, from Benalia to Urborg to Tolaria West. You can play as anything from a flying Aven to a barbarous Keldon, fighting the dastardly demons of the Cabal or the horrors of the Phyrexian remnants left after the Apocalypse. (or alternately you can do a ‘bad guy’ party, where you fight as the bad guys against the knights of Benalia and wizards of Tolaria. Your game, your rules!)

My biggest complaint with this product isn’t with this product itself. I miss the artstyle articles Wizards of the Coast used to put out, describing how they designed the looks and flavor of the various cultures in their stories. It provided insight into their storytelling methods which I as a writer liked.

Recommended if you’re into DnD .

Stay sunny!

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