February Accountability Post

Here’s a link to last month’s accountability post

  •  1st
    • I wrote nothing.
    • I read some of ‘Kingdom of Copper.’
    • I read some of the ‘Return to Ravnica’ storyline.
  • 2nd
    • I’m going to take another week off/going light on writing, then I’m going to go all in on writing/editing.
    • Read some ‘Kingdom of Copper.’ Also started ‘All Systems Red.’
  • 3rd
    • Finished ‘All Systems Red.’ Also wrote a review for ‘Plato.’ Didn’t finish plato, but I liked what I read.
    • I have 22 book reviews stored up, enough for another 2 months. I think once I finished the current batch of books I have checked out from the library, I’m going to go into editing mode and work for a few weeks/months.
      • My to-read list includes ‘kingdom,’ ‘orconomics,’ ‘temper,’ ‘Sagavol2’, ‘Divine+wicked’ and whatever other books i get in from the library in the next week.
  • 4th
    • I started and finished ‘Midnight Riot’ as well as ‘The Wicked + the Divine.’ Midnight was as good as ever, but ‘W+D’ rang a little hollow. I like ‘WD’s’ themes and concept, but something about gods being popstars really just… didn’t work. At least for me. Great art, though. I’ll read another one or two of the graphic novel collections and see how I like it. Hopefully they can hit their stride.
  • 5th
    • Read ‘Saga vol 2’. It was good, but not as good as the first.
    • I started writing a new book because I’m BORED of editing. Up to 2500
  • 6th
    • In the new book I’m up to 5397 words.
    • In the second draft of ‘Arcadia,’ I’m up to 25720 words.
    • I read nothing.
  • 7th
    • Wrote nothing and read nothing.
  • 8th
    • Wrote a ton on my new project. Up to 14000.
    • I read Batman: Year One. It was good for what it is, but Batman was too Batman-y. Bruce Wayne had no personality outside of Batman. He felt generic.
  • 9th
    • In Arcadia I’m up to 25811
    • My new books is a Fantasy Punic war novel. I am up to 15156.
    • I read ‘Howl’s Moving Castle.’
  • 10th
    • I am up to ~20000 words in Punic war now.
    • I’m also feeling a bit burned out/depressed right now. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and writing these last few months and I’m feeling run down and worn out. I’m going to take some time to myself.
  • 11th
    • did nada. gave blood and needed rest day as mentioned
    • I did write the Howl’s review
  • 12th
    • Taking another day off. I read  The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act by Kieron Gillen, and it was decent but not great. I’ll read more, but only in a few months. Not binge-worthy good. I’m sad, because I like the style and the mythology, but the creators aren’t great storytellers.
    • I listened to some of the ‘Orconomics’ audiobook. It’s decent litRPG fun.
  • 13th
    • I started finishing to the ‘Black Tides of Heaven.’ Good so far. Might finish it today.
  • 14th
    • Finished ‘Black Tides.’ Not quite as good as I hoped, but I’ll check out the sequel(s).
  • 15th
    • Wrote the review for ‘Black Tides.’
    • I read ‘Sea Girls’ and read some MTG short stories.
    • Wrote some.
  • 16th
    • I am reading ‘Orconomics.’ It’s cute and fun, but not so much a Fiscal Fantasy book like I was hoping. It’s more of a Political Fantasy/LitRPG (with an emphasis on RPG).
    • I read some of ‘Children of the Nameless.’
    • Wrote some.
  • 17th
    • I wrote a little
    • I finished orconomics. That book had an 11th hour twist.
  • 18th
    • I read some of ‘Gods of Jade and Shadow.’ It has a weak start, and reads a bit like YA (as of 10%). I’m not forming any judgements yet, as I’m just starting it.
    • I wrote around 3000 words today.
  • 19th
    • I wrote some
    • I read ‘Lies Sleeping.’
  • 20th
    • I wrote the review for ‘Lies sleeping.’
    • I Read a little of ‘Gods of Jade.’
    • I wrote some too.
  • 21st
    • I read nothing.
    • I wrote about 3500 words of worldbuilding for my setting. It won’t be published, but I need it for me.
  • 22nd
    • I wrote some. About 2000 words.
    • I read nothing.
  • 23rd
    • I wrote a tiny bit.
    • I read nothing.
  • 24th
    • I wrote part of my Punic War outline.
  • 25th
    • I wrote a little in the outline
    • I read nothing
  • 26th
    • I wrote a little in the outline
    • I read nothing
  • 27th
    • I started ‘Temper.’ I read some of ‘Gods of Jade’
  • 28th
    • I read nothing and wrote nothing.

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