March Accountability Post


  • I read some of ‘Gods of Jade and Shadow.’ It’s getting better, but I’m still not enthralled.
  • I read some of one of Nicky Drayden’s MtG short stories. Now THOSE are excellent. I’m liking them more than ‘Temper’ so far.
  • I wrote very little, only working on my plot outline.


  • I read more of ‘Gods.’ It’s fine. The author’s style reminds me a little of a YA ‘War for the Oaks’ by Emma Bull, featuring Mayan mythology. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever read, but if the author keeps practicing I think she will have the chops to become really good.


  • I finished ‘Gods’ and read some of ‘Way of Kings.’
  • I’m taking a few weeks off of writing. My hands are hurting, even as I write this.


  • I read some of Way of kings. I have to say that I’m not suuper-loving it. It’s good and I’m happy to re-read it, but I have to say that I’m seeing some flaws. The first part of the book (as in Part I) was a tightly written text, but then with the second part got a little clunky with Dalinar’s worldbuilding. To some extent this is expected with Epic Fantasy, but honestly I’m having a little trouble with it. Also while I liked Shallan in the first read, on this re-read some of her dialog is a little eye-rolly. I like her agency though.
  • I read ‘The Fliers of Gy.’ Is good, made me feel happy. Liked Burton’s narration.


  • I read some ‘Way of Kings.’ Book’s long, yo.
  • Read ‘Body Work’ by Aaronovitch. Is good.


  • Read more of Way of Kings. Waaaaay too many flashbacks.
  • Read ‘Night Sister’ by Aaronovitch. Is good, better than Body work.


  • Read ‘Black Mould’ by Aaronovitch. Not finding it super compelling.
  • My hands hurt like hell. I’m taking a week off writing.
  • Read more way. Good god, it’s long.


  • finished black mould
  • read Detective Stories by Aaronovitch
  • Finished Way of Kings.


  • Wrote ‘way’s’ review.
  • Read a MTG story
  • Started ‘Two Serpents Rise.’ It’s mediocre so far.


  • Day off. Read nothing besides a little ‘Lirael.’


  • Read nothing.


  • Read nothing besides a small amount of ‘Lirael.’


  • I Edited a little.


  • I edited some stuff.


  • I read some Lirael and ‘The October Man.’


  • I edited and read some lirael and ‘The October Man.’


  • I finished Lirael and wrote a LONG review.


  • Read some ‘Two Serpents Rise.’


  • Two serpets read
  • I wrote quite a bit


  • Two Serpetns Read
  • I wrote a little


  • Two serpents finished
  • Started Melting Stones.


  • Finished Melting Stones. Finished Black Betty
  • Started a Great Course lecture series on Mesoamerica.


  • I read ‘Water Weed’ by Aaronovitch and listened to some more of mesoamerica.
  • I wrote a little.


  • Listened to more of meso.
  • I wrote some.


  • Mesoamerica. About 5 hours worth
  • I wrote maybe a hundred words.


  • Ten hours of Mesoamerica.


  • Almost done with Mesoamerica. It’s 24hours long, so nearly there.
  • Finished Nicky Drayden’s ‘Guilds of Ravnica.’ They made me happy.
  • Wrote a review for the above. Also I’m in the middle of migrating my files and programs onto a new computer, so I’ve been a bit busy.
  • Wrote maybe a hundred words of Acadia.


  • Finished Mesoamerica. Was good, maybe my favorite lecture series of all time.
  • Finished ‘October Man.’ Liked it, nearly loved it. Needed some more characterization.
  • Wrote about two hundred fifty words.


  • I’m making a blogpost update about my writing today.
  • I started ‘Minimum Wage Magic.’


  • I finished min wage magic. I liked it quite a lot. I think it’s top 10 of the year material.
  • I wrote 1337 words. LEET!


  • Started’ Dealing with Dragons.’ Is a fun flashback to when I was ~10yo.
  • I wrote 1394 words.

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