‘Zen Dogs’ by Alex Cearns

Hardback Review



Genres: Dogs, Photos, Coffee table book

Similar books: Underwater Dogs

Previous books in the series/by the author reviewed:

  • Highly Recommended
    • If you like dogs
    • If you have 15 minutes
    • You want to relax
  • Recommended
    • If you like photo-album books or magazines like ‘National Geographic.’
  • Recommended with Reservations
    • You don’t like photo-album books, but you do like dogs
  • Not Recommended
    • You don’t like dogs

Spoiler-ific Review

This is a photo album containing lots and lots of photos of relaxed dogs. Just reading this lowered my blood pressure and made me feel relaxed and happy. The little snippets of poetry and quotations really served to add to the restful mood of the album. I saw this at the library, and it was well worth picking up.

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