May Accountability Post

My new system of staying accountable seems to work. I might modify it a little yet, but the theory seems sound.

  • 1st:
    • I wrote about 1000 words.
  • 2nd:
    • I wrote about 2000 words.
    • I started ‘The witch who came in out of the Cold.’ Is good, but I’m just starting.
  • 3rd:
    • I wrote 5800 words.
    •  I adjusted my background mechanisms for writing, to incentivize myself to edit a little everyday. Hopefully it works.
  • 4th
    • I wrote nothing and edited nothing. I was busy, and I’ve been writing a lot and my hands needed rest.
  • 5th
    • I wrote 542 words
    • I read some ‘Theft of Swords.’
  • 6th
    • I wrote 1670 words in project b, and edited 162 words in project a.
  • 7th
    • I wrote and read nada. Hands hurt from too much typing. I’m going to try to write 5000 words tomorrow using some voice-to-text software.
    • I listened to the first third of ‘Children of the Nameless’ by Brandon Sanderson and ‘Voice of All’ audio productions.
  • 8th
    • I wrote 935 words in project b.
    • I read some of ‘Theft of Swords.
  • 9th
    • I wrote 1021 words
  • 10th
    • I wrote 99 words.
    • In the past I used to write 3000 words a day, daily. For the next six months I’m going to do that again (weekends excepted). I’m going to start tomorrow.
  • 11th
    • I edited 151 words and wrote 1938 words
  • 12th
    • I edited nothing and wrote 247 words
  • 13th
    • I did nada
  • 14th
    • I edited 280 words and wrote 845.
  • 15th
    • I wrote 476 words.
  • 16th
    • I wrote 864 words.
    • I’m planning on being less generous with my ratings from now on. It seems like I’m giving out a majority of Highly Recommends, only some Recommended, and barely any Recommended with Reservations. My new goal is to make the majority of the books I’m reading Recommended
  • 17th
    • I wrote 5 words.
    • I read some ‘The Priory of the Orange Tree.’ It’s good, not great. The author needs more experience. I’ll finish it, I think.
  • 18th
    • Wrote nothing. I’m experiencing trouble with my voice-to-text software, it doesn’t run on Word 365. I’m switching from typing my writing to speaking them because my hands hurt like hell all the time now. So me not having working voice-to-text software sucks.
    • Read more of ‘Priory.’ Is good so far. A solid ‘Recommend.’
  • 19th
    • I’ve read the first 2/5ths of Priory. It reminds me of Dragon Age, The Lays of Anuskaya and the Eternal Sky trilogy.
    • It’s a long book. I think it should either have been a shorter book, but split into a trilogy/duology… or just shorter. I prefer shorter books.
    • Also it has a slow start (up to the 2/5ths mark). It only started getting interesting to me when the stakes were raised at the 2/5ths mark.
    • The characters are C-tier in quality. (A=Kvothe/Ista/Caroline (of the Library at mount char), B=Harry Potter/Frodo, C=Average/Mediocre). I’m not loving them so far, but there is still room for them to grow on me.
    • Wrote nothing. It’s the weekend! Also I’m still having tech trouble.
  • 20th
    • I ordered new software so I can get back to typing. It’ll get in in a week, so I’m going to take the next week off writing and instead do some reading.
    • Read some more ‘Priory.’ I’m liking it more and more. Hopefully the author keeps up the present pace of worldbuilding/action/reveals.
    • Read some of ‘The Witch who came in from the Cold.’ Is good so far, but Im only 10% in.
  • 21st
    • I read some of ‘Witch.’
  • 22nd
    • Did nothing. I donated platelets today and I’m just zonked afterwards.
  • 23
    • Read some Priory.
  • 24
    • I got my voice-to-text software online and wrote ~6000 words
  • 25
    • Read some ‘Priory.’
  • 26
    • I finished reading ‘Priory.’
  • 27
    • I edited 6261 words
  • 28
    • I edited 5680 words


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