‘The Tick: Seasons 1&2’ by Amazon Video

Genres: Comedy, Superhero

Rating: Highly Recommended

Here’s the TL;DR for my review (SPOILERS!):

  • Pros
    • Fun superhero story which doesn’t take itself seriously
    • Good characters, where normal people and superheroes are forced to work together.
    • Bonkers humor, reminding me a little of Douglas Adams.
  • Mixed
    • While I liked the bonkers humor, if you don’t like surreal olde-schoole comic-book style humor this might pass you by.
  • Cons
    • The seasons were a bit fluffy. I think they could have compacted the plot-arcs down for both seasons so that there were one or two fewer episodes.


Here’s a fun streaming tv show I just watched. ‘The Tick’ is a humorous romp staring the big blue superhero known only as ‘The Tick’ and his hapless sidekick Arthur, as well as Arthur’s badass sister Dorothy and the angsty antihero ‘Overkill.’ In season one they must fight against the dastardly ‘The Terror’ and his hilarious sidekick ‘Miss Lint,’ while in season two they must team up to defeat the nefarious Lobstocules (an anthropomorphic lobster) and a Hydra-like government organization.

Arthur and Dot are the main characters for the story, two (relatively) normal humans who are struggling to get by in a city ruled by supervillains, with no superheroes in sight to counter them. In their own ways they both have started fighting back, Arthur by tracking down local villains while Dot became a paramedic. But when the Tick, and later Overkill, find the pair of them, they must lead the charge against the Terror and Miss Lint.

This series was well written and funny. Comedy needs to be well written to land, and this most certainly does land. If you like wonky humor in the style of Douglas Adams (specifically the recent ‘Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency’ tv show) but set with superheroes, check this out.


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