‘Sea Girls’ by Daniel Wallace



Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, LeVar Burton Reads, Short Story

Similar books:

Previous books in the series/by the author reviewed: None

Rating: Recommended

Here’s the TL;DR for my review:

  • Pros
    • It’s short and fun.
    • A Modern retelling of the mermaid-siren ‘sailors drowning themselves’ myth featuring a teenage boy.
  • Mixed
  • Cons

Spoiler-tastic Review

Here’s a short review for a short story.

Two teenagers, one boy and one girl, are having trouble with family/friends and go escape to the beach for some time to themselves. While there they encounter a ‘stranded’ mermaid. But does the mermaid really need their help, or perhaps is it there to kidnap the boy to use as a sperm donor…

Yeah, it was short and fun. I liked it. Check it out. I listened to LeVar Burton reading this, and as always he does an excellent job.

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