And now for something a bit different…

This has always been a review blog. Mainly a book review blog, but with the occasional movie/TV show/video game review thrown in as well. But as you’ve noticed in recent weeks I’ve had to curtail my book reading and reviewing due to re-focusing on my writing. As a result things have gotten a little quiet on this blog. I want to post more than one blogpost a week, so I need to add something to fill in the gaps.

I actually have more hobbies than just reading. Two of them are cardio exercise and weight lifting exercise. But here’s the problem: I’ve never been very consistent at it. After three months or so of exercising five or six days a week, I have trouble keeping up with the regime.

So here’s my plan. For a while now I’ve been planning on kicking things into high gear exercise-wise. I intend to log my daily exercise here on my blog in my ‘accountability’ post, as well as providing either weekly or monthly update posts as to my progress (or lack of progress). Don’t worry, this will still mainly be a book review blog. I’m just adding to it.

I’m mainly doing this for myself. Last year I tried NaNoWriMo and posted my wordcount daily on my blog, and kept posting my wordcount after that. I found that the accountability of posting my daily wordcount has helped keep me consistently writing. I’m hoping that by daily logging my exercise totals on my blog I’ll similarly keep myself consistent long term.


To start things off, I’ll begin with an explanation. I’m planning on running the nSuns powerlifting program for six months, starting this week and ending in January. It is a 6-day-a-week weightlifting program, and I know from previous experience it is very exhausting. The last time I ran the program I got good results, but couldn’t maintain the program for more than six months due to exhaustion. I intend to temper myself and not burn myself out so quickly this time around, so hopefully I can keep going after the six month mark.

At the same time as this, I’m planning on increasing the amount of cardio I’m doing at the same time. I’m not training for any marathons or triathlons or anything; I’m just adding some cardio in to keep the heart healthy and for fun. Right now I’m getting a kick out of daily bike rides, so that’s how I’m planning on continuing.

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