Fitness and Books: July 8th-13th 2019

Training log at the bottom.

I’m starting a new workout regime, or rather returning to an old one. I’m doing nSun’s 6 day a week powerlifting workout, but with a focus on squats.

To start things out with, I’m beginning with the following theoretical* training maxes, and I’ll work up from there.

  • Bench Press: 200lbs  (91kg)
  • Squat: 214lbs (97kg)
  • Deadlift: 282lbs (128kg)
  • Overhead Press: 145lbs (66kg)

My prior theoretical* 1 repetition maxes for these four exercises are:

  • Bench Press: 260 lbs (118kg)
  • Squat: 316lbs (143kg)
  • Deadlift: 366lbs (165 kg)
  • Overhead Press: 171lbs (78kg)

My goal for the coming six months is to increase these maximums up to:

  • Bench Press: 285 lbs (130 kg)
  • Squat: 360 lbs (163 kg)
  • Deadlift: 450 lbs (204kg)
  • Overhead Press: 180 lbs (82kg)

It’s been 11 months since I hit my prior maximum numbers and I really let my strength gains slip. I’ve been focusing more on cardio to lose weight lately… or not really exercising at all. However I’m not too worried. It’s easier to re-gain strength than it is to gain it, so long as you have a healthy diet and sleep cycle. Once I regain that strength, I’ll keep on going to hit my ultimate goals.

Training Log for the Second Week of July, 2019

Monday the 8th:

  • I read some of ‘Four Roads Cross’ at the gym and while biking
  • Rode 7 miles on my bike.
  • I’m enjoying biking a couple miles every day, though I have to say that the uphill portions suck.
  • Bench Press and Overhead Press day. I increased my (theoretical) bench press training max up to 175lbs from 155lbs. I’m still quite a bit underneath my all time max of 210lbs, but slow and steady wins the race.

Tuesday the 9th:

  • Woke up feeling SORE! It’s great!
  • Jumped rope for 10 minutes
  • I walked my dog for a mile and a half or so.
  • I rode my bike for 7 miles
  • I read more ‘Four Roads Cross’ while exercising. It’s a good book
  • Biking home uphill after doing squats sucks
  • Squat and Sumo Deadlift day. I increased my training max on sumos up to 240lbs and squats up to 215lbs

Wednesday the 10th:

  • Still sore
  • Finished ‘Four Roads Cross’ while at the gym. It’s a really solid addition to the series, but it really doesn’t stand on it’s own. I enjoyed it, but I enjoyed it mainly because it’s such a fantastic conclusion to the series.
  • I walked my dog for about two miles.
  • I rode my bike for seven miles.
  • I’ve started jumping rope first thing in the morning. I find it helps start my day energetically.
  • Overhead Press and Incline Bench Press day. I increased my overhead press theoretical training maximum (140lbs). Progress! No progress on Incline Bench… but I’m fine with that. I’ve had a bum shoulder for years and I don’t like trying too hard on incline bench (yay repeated partial dislocations!). Same goes for Overhead press. I’m not going to strive to hard to improve OHP from now on.

Thursday the 11th:

  • A little sore
  • Started The Mueller Report audiobook at the gym. It’s well written in an ‘easy to read and understand’ sort of way. Very enthralling subject matter.
  • I forgot to do a medium-length bikeride before going to the gym. This failure is on me.
  • Walked the dog
  • Deadlift and Front Squat day. I increased my training max for deadlift (280lbs) and front squats(165lbs).

Friday the 12th:

  • Listened to more of the Mueller Report. It’s a bit depressing finding out how the Russians messed with our election.
  • Feeling TIRED. Had a hard time waking up. Not so sore anymore though.
  • Rode my bike 33 miles in 95 degree Fahrenheit weather (35 degrees Celcius). Not fun. Drank lots of water.
  • Walked the dog.
  • Bench day and Close Grip Bench day. Training maxes are now up to 195lbs and 145lbs respectively.
  • I didn’t jump rope today.

Saturday the 13th:

  • I woke up not feeling sore nor very tired. Yay getting lots of sleep+nutrition!
  • I read more of the Mueller Report audiobook. I’m now in the part where they talk about all the ways the White House obstructed justice. And honestly, it sounds like a slam-dunk case.
  • Rode bike 2 miles. Not enough time for 7. My bad.
  • Jumped rope
  • Walked dog.
  • Squat Day 2 at the gym… but I only did squats and not the whole routine. I ran out of time due to poor scheduling on my part. Totally my fault.
    • I should have done Squats then Sumo Deads then Hammer Curls then Shrugs. I only did squats.
    • No new squat training max. Today for squats was just a volume day, not a pushing 1RM day.

*It is theoretical because I use an app which calculates my 1RM based upon what weights I lift. No, I don’t know my actual 1RM, so my calculations here are going based on what my app tells me.

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