Books and Fitness: October, Week 1







Here are my theoretical 1RMs from last week:

  • Bench: 230lbs
  • Squats: 249lbs
  • Deads: 299lbs
  • Overheads: 145lbs

Here are this weeks theoretical 1RMs:

  • Bench: 231lbs
  • Squats: 249lbs
  • (Sumo) Deads: 298lbs
  • Overheads: 145lbs (This is never going up again, and I’m fine with that)


I’ve started doing pullups as a part of my workout. I’ve always sucked at them, but I’ve started doing 100 pullups… or I’ve been trying to. Last week I was only able to do 40 half-assed pullups. With each workout I’ve been adding 10 half-assed pullups perworkout. This week I worked up to 80 pullups. Next week I’m going to work up to 100 half-assed pullups, and then once I hit 100 I’m going to focus on improving my form. Once I can do 100 perfect pullups, I’ll start adding weight to my pullups using a weight belt.

So far, I’m finding that it is helping increase the thickness and width of my back/shoulders


Here are my theoretical all-time max 1RM from last year:

  • Bench Press: 260 lbs (118kg)
  • Squat: 316lbs (143kg)
  • Deadlift: 366lbs (165 kg)
  • Overhead Press: 171lbs (78kg)

I have a while to go before I get back my lost gains.


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