I will not be reviewing ‘War of the Spark 2: Forsaken’

I am not going to read and review the followup to April’s ‘War of the Spark: Ravnica’. WotS: Ravnica is my most read blog post of the year, so I have to apologize to anyone who was expecting the followup. I just got a refund for my copy of the audiobook.

I enjoyed WotS: Ravnica for what it was: a pulpy, fun, but bad book- basically the literary version of a crappy B-movie. If it were a movie, you’d buy lots of popcorn and take several friends to laugh with while you watch it.

I was willing to give WotS: Forsaken a chance, which is why I pre-ordered this. However the initial reviews are in and they’re reporting that the Wizards of the Coast, the author and the editing team dropped the ball in a big way.

For more info why, here’s a video review by an actual literature professor. I could review the book myself, but at this point this guy did as good a job as I would have.

If the author Greg Weisman finds this, here’s my message to you: Greg, I’m sorry you’re getting so much flack for this. You don’t deserve it. I’m sure you had awful deadlines and corners were cut. I don’t know what instructions you were given when you wrote this, but you were thrown to the wolves because of those instructions.

If someone from Wizards of the Coast somehow finds this, here’s my message to you: treat your authors better than this. Mistakes were made twice in a row. After the minor fiasco of book 1, you should have been looking over his shoulder when he was writing this. You could have avoided this larger fiasco.

On a personal level, I hope this doesn’t spell the end of Magic’s fiction. I enjoyed Sanderson’s ‘Children of the Nameless,’ Django Wexler’s ‘The Gathering Storm’ and Drayden’s ‘Guilds of Ravnica.’ I liked the Shadows-Kaladesh-Amonkhet-Ixalan arc. I haven’t read the Wildred Quest yet but I’ve heard good things about it (I intend to read the audiobook if/when it debuts). For years now I’ve followed Magic not because I care about the card game, but because I care about the setting and stories.

I’ll be honest and say that Magic story has rarely been high literature, but it’s stories are frequently fun and exciting to read. We are at a tempestuous point in Magic’s narrative history, but I hope the Wizards of the Coast right the boat and sail on to safer shores. If you’ve read my blog for very long you know I’m not one for theatrics ordinarily. This post is the exception to the rule. Hopefully Wizards does a better job in the future.

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