A Review of ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ by Disney Entertainment


Genres: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Star Wars, Science Fantasy

Rating: Recommended

Personal Rating: Fun, Light Watch

There’s been a lot of hot air shed about this movie and this series over the last few years, so I’ll keep this review short-ish. No need to bloviate where others are doing it as well.

I liked this movie. It was a bit of a bloated mess at points, but it was a homey, comfortable experience. It has problems: it was a bit slow to start with, the re-tread of Emperor Palpatine as a villain was a bit lame, and the first half of the story was VERY McGuffin heavy.

What are McGuffin’s? McGuffins are objects important to the plot which no one is emotionally cares about. As an example, Voldemort’s Horcruxes are McGuffins because no one is emotionally invested in any of the Horcruxes. A counter example is the One Ring from LotRs, because the One Ring causes people to fall in love with it. I don’t like McGuffin plotlines because if the characters in the book don’t care about an object, I don’t care either.

In this movie, the Sith Wayfinder is an object which is required to move the plot forward which no one cares about, the Sith Knife is an object which is required to move the plot forward which no one cares about and the Captain’s Licence is an object which is required to move the plot forward which no one cares about.

The pacing of this movie was off. To quote my sister, the beginning of this movie seemed like a video game fetch quest. It can be summarized with “Go here and get this… Once you have that object, go somewhere else and get that… But you can’t get it there, because you need to do a side quest… You did the side quest? Good, now do this…” The first half hour of the movie was listless and needed to be rethought.

And finally, the return of Palpatine was a bit lame. The Last Jedi so obviously sent this series in another direction, but the Director of this movie grabbed the reigns and ‘righted the course.’ While The Last Jedi had some problems, I liked that it was trying new things and wasn’t entirely nostalgia.

Net total, the movie was fun. This movie’s lifeblood was nostalgia. While I had fun now, I don’t think thirty years from now future generations will find much about this movie memorable. That said, it’s obvious that the people who created this movie have serious skills. The cinematography was nearly as good as TLJ, and the VFX was pretty good too. And finally, pretty much all the main actors (and most of the minor actors) did a good job/excellent job.

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