A Review of ‘Knives Out’ by Lionsgate


Genres: Mystery, Crime, Whodunit

Rating: Highly Recommended

Personal Rating: Fun, Lightly comedic Mystery

I watched this movie with family and was really impressed. Here’s what I liked:

  • The sets were lush and cluttered with kitsch, making the setting seem lived in.
  • The characters were well written and well performed across the board.
  • The actors seemed to be having the times of their lives, Daniel Craig most of all.
  • The dialog was sharp, nuanced and crisp, making the scenes flow well. All the actors seemed to have chemistry.
  • The plot was fun, the pacing was innovative. Modern day Agatha Cristie. In particular it’s plot reminded me of the ‘Mysterious Affair at Styles,’ a Hercule Poirot novel.
  • The scenes were well shot.
  • It was funny! Daniel Craig in particular seemed like a genius nutjob. I liked the chase scene for how ridiculous it was.
  • The mystery actually surprised me. I’ve read hundreds of mysteries, but the writers of this movie did an excellent job of tricking me. While in the end I guessed the right villain, I completely failed to guess his strategy. So my complements to the creators of this/the actor of the villain: they did a good job of pulling this mystery off.
  • It was a fair play mystery! All the evidence was provided so I could have figured it out. The fact that I failed just goes to show how clever the plot was.

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