How To Beat ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’


This is a hard game. I did not do a blind play through as some do (meaning I went into this game knowing a good amount about how to beat the game), but I nonetheless I had trouble beating the game. I had trouble with this game, in part because I had trouble finding a complete list of guides describing it. I wanted to provide a compilation of all the guides I used, so you have an easier time beating this game than I did. If I didn’t use a guide on a boss, I’ll just give you my advice on how to beat a boss/overcome a puzzle.

Gourd Seed Locations

Boss/Miniboss Kill order

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Guide (All Bosses)

How to beat the first mini-boss + General Advice

Chained Ogre 1&2

Stay at range. When he lunges towards you, dodge back, then go in for one attack before backing away. Use the flamethrower Prosthetic to stun him. It’s not needed. If you stay out of range and dodge you can hit-and-run him to death. Don’t let him grab you!

Gyobu Masataka Oniwa

Parry his spear, and when he rides away use your grapling hook to catch up with him.

Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen

Use Mikiri Counter. Stay at range to bait him into using his unblockable piercing attack, and when he does that counter it using Mikiri. This is the ‘Do you have Mikiri Counter?’ test boss.

Hirata Purple Ninja

Engage him, then jump back down the well you just climbed up. Wait thirty or forty seconds, then climb back up the well. When his back is turned, stab him in the back for the 1 hit KO.

1.0 Juzuo the Drunkard

Lady Butterfly

There is a strategy to cheese her, but I couldn’t pull it off. You might try cheesing her if you’re having trouble. This guide didn’t really help me through her either. In the end, I just had to put in effort to beat her.

Keep moving so she can’t land her hits against you, and parry her kunai. Phase 2, run in circles around the theater and hide behind pillars to block her butterfly attacks.

Blazing Bull

This parry is difficult. To parry him wait for the bull to lower his head to gore you, then when it raises it’s head again to gore you then hit the parry button. You have about a quarter second window to pull off this parry. (How do you parry a giant burning bull which weighs like four tons?)

Sakura bull is easier, as it doesn’t have fire damage.

General Kuranosuke Matsumoto

Take out the small guys all around him with drop-from-above deathblows, running away after each kill. When he’s alone, then fight him.

Seven Ashina Spears- Shikibu

I followed this guy’s advice, but instead of using fireworks I used oil+fire. I found that worked better. Seven Spears has big windups for his attacks, so take advantage of those windows to attack and use your tools.

Lone Shadow Longswordsman

Jinsuke Saze

This guy is a parry skillcheck- and he has the same mechanic as the final boss (Ashina Cross), so practice on this guy. He draws his sword in a fraction of a second and instakills you if you don’t parry him. So parry him!

Don’t attack him. Stand still. Just watch him. He keeps his sword in it’s sheath. Keep your distance and keep your eyes on his sword hand and his sheath. Hit the parry button WHEN YOU SEE THE WHITE FLASH OF LIGHT. There’s a flash of light when he draws his sword. Remember: the first person who draws their sword dies. Do this and you’ll kill him ezpz.

Before you leave his room, click on the wall tapestry behind him. It teaches lightning redirection. You need it to beat Genichiro.

Genichiro Ashina

Man, this guy was a great boss. He’s my third favorite boss, after Isshin the Sword Saint and Owl Father. I couldn’t find a guide to handhold me through this one, I just had to fight it out.

Genichiro tests your ability to parry, dodge and Mikiri. With this guy, you have to be aggro. Be on the offensive, stay up-close-and-personal, don’t let him get range and shoot you with that bow of his. Keep swinging that sword of yours until he starts swinging in return. Watch his sword even when he’s on the defensive! When he goes on the offensive, you have to start parrying. When he does his sword flurry attack, tap the parry button repeatedly to block all the hits. When the flurry is over, I liked to use Ichimonji double to punish him. Manage your health and your posture and you’ll do fine. He has unblockable piercing, sweeping and grapple attacks. You just have to memorize his animations to deal with these.

In phase three when he uses lightning attacks, you need to jump in the air to redirect his lightning. The DANGER kanji appears before this happens. When you see lots of lightning and Genichiro is jumping into the air to call down the thunder, you should wait until the DANGER symbol almost disappears before you jump in the air and swing your sword. NOTE: you only need to swing your sword, you don’t need to block and then swing, unlike what the in-game tutorial says. You have to time this just right because if you hit the ground after being hit by lightning but before redirecting the lightning you’ll instantly die. Also, he begins phase three with a looong range piercing attack. Get ready to Mikiri Counter it during the cutscene.

Armored Warrior

Parry, parry, parry, parry. When he’s high on posture damage, stand near a side of the bridge. Parry your way to a deathblow, then move so Warrior is standing between you and the side of the bridge. Perform a deathblow, knocking him off of the bridge.

Long Arm Centipede Giraffe/Sen’Un

Kill all the small centipedes around the area, jumping out of the range of the boss after each kill to reset him. Then this boss is a parry check. Get ready to parry parry parry parry parry parry parry parry parry. Each time you parry him, he takes significant posture damage. He’ll disengage after his flurry attack. After he disengages, hold down the block button to regain your posture before the next flurry. Let him exhaust himself on your defenses, then kill him.

Folding Screen Monkeys

Run around and kill the monkeys.

Snake-Eyes Shirahagi and Shirafuji.

Good luck. I had trouble on these guys. Be sure to parry their gunshots. (How do you parry bullets? I think they used shotguns. How do you parry grapshot?)

Tokujiro the Glutton

The same as Juzuo, just kill the monkey adds first then reset the fight by running away. You can get a stealth deathblow on this guy once he’s alone. EZPZ

Mist Noble

The hard part about this fight is getting into his locked temple. There’s a hole in the roof. To get on the roof, you need to climb the nearby tree. To climb the tree, you need to climb up the nearby cliff and run around. Look around Tokujiro’s area and you’ll find the route. Once you find him he’s a piece of cake.

O’rin of the Water’Rin+of+the+Water

This page has good advice to beat her.

False Corrupted Monk

I cheesed this boss. I didn’t like fighting her straight on because of her massive health pool. If you want to fight her fair, she’s a hit-and-run boss.

Guardian Ape

This boss is tough, because in phase 1 you parrying him is difficult. I couldn’t find a guide to really help. So here’s my advice.

Phase 1, use hit-and-run tactics. When he attacks you, run out of the way. When he leaves himself open, land a few attacks. Use fireworks to stun him- just be aware that fireworks only work on him once-per-25sec. So hit-and-run, and every 25sec use fireworks to beat him down. When he sits down, don’t stand behind him because he’ll release a poison gas cloud. Look out for his grab attacks- when you see the DANGER kanji book it as fast as you can. And keep running around so he can’t leap on you.

Phase 2, Parry his attacks. Thankfully his attacks are massively telegraphed so this shouldn’t be too difficult. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THAT SWORD. In this phase, he has two DANGER kanji attacks. If he’s standing still, the DANGER signifies his terror scream. Run away when he does this, and use a Purple Gourd charge to cure the terror while he’s standing still screaming. The other Danger is a sweep attack. Jump over the sweeping sword, then go in to wail on the prone monkey.

Lone Shadow Vilehand

Additionally, I suggest you practice for this fight by fighting another purple cloak ninja who has his exact same toolkit. Go to the Mibu Village Idol/Memorial Mob, then look into the river between the rocks. There’s a purple cloak with Vilehand’s exact same toolkit right in there. Fight him a couple times until you get his timing down, then take on Vilehand.

Great Shinobi Owl

Follow this guide and this guy’s easy. I killed him after only four attempts.

My favorite strategy was to avoid his attack, then use Mortal Draw to damage him before falling back.

I’ll add that if he pins you in a corner, use the Feathers prosthetic to get out of the corner.

True Corrupted Monk

Hit and run attacks with this gal. Wait for her to attack, hit once or twice, then run back out of range. Wait for her to attack and miss, then you should run in and attack and retreat. Repeat.

Phase 2, jump into the branches and get a stealth deathblow.

Phase 3 is like phase 1, but slightly easier. Avoid the centipede vomit, and use that opening to beat her up. Repeat the hit-and-run and you’re golden. Use ash/firecrackers to deal lots of damage.

Additionally, if you’re about to die and out of healing resources, lure her to one side of the bridge, then quickly run to the other side of the bridge and use your Homeward Idol to teleport away. I never died to her as a result.

Guardian Ape + His Bride

This is an easy fight. I beat it on my third attempt. It’s the same as Guardian Ape 1.0, but his attacks are less furious. Parry your way through Phase 1, run away from his screams, EZPZ. In Phase 2, the Guardian Ape’s mate joins the battle. Bait the Guardian Ape’s scream, and while he’s preoccupied screaming use firecrackers on the mate to stun and beat her up. Repeat this process until both gorillas are dead.

Sakura Bull of the Palace

This is the same as Blazing bull, but easier. You don’t have to deal with fire damage.  Kill the nearby Okami archers before starting the fight, and parry the bull. Remember to hit the parry button not when the bull lowers it’s head to gore you, but when he raises his head again a fraction of a second before he hits you.

Okami Leader Shizu

Hit her with your sword. If she’s about to use lightning on you, redirect it. Honestly she’s so easy to kill I have no good advice. I killed her super fast. I don’t remember very well, but I think I got an anti-air deathblow against her

Shichimen Warrior(s)

Get the Pheonix Lilac Umbrella. Get Divine Confetti. Get the Purple Gord. Get Pacifying Agents. Use them. Seriously. They make this boss a cakewalk.

Run around to dodge his sphere attacks. Beat him up using your Divine Confetti-enhanced sword. Parry his occasional attack. When he uses his beam attack, use the Lilac Umbrella to absorb the attack. If you’re standing close to him once the beam is done, use the Projected Force umbrella talent to hit him. You can do an anti-air deathblow against this guy, but I never bothered. This guy is an easy tank-and-spank. Just keep your health high and your terror low.

Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear Bearer 1&2

I cheesed this miniboss twice.

Headless (Land)

Use Divine Confetti. Parry him. His attacks are highly telegraphed. Use pacifying agents and purple gourd to control your terror. When he vanishes, he’ll appear behind you… so just turn around and continue beating him up.

If he jumps into the air, he’s going to belly flop on top of you. That is bad. Run.

Headless (Aquatic)

Swim in circles around these guys to attack them, when the Danger kanji appears, get behind him. Avoid the evil magic. Use purple gourd.

Honestly, I hated these fights. The combat system was terrible underwater. It wasn’t hard, it was stupid. The swimming movement system was awful for combat.

Divine Dragon

Seven Ashina Spears- Shume

Stealth deathblow the samurai standing with him, and then run away. You might need to use a Gaichiin sugar to sneak up like this. Use your grapling hook to run away. Loose aggro by grappling hooking far away. Then return, sneak back up on him and stealth deathblow him to cut his healthpool in half.

Then fight him same as Shikibu. Parry attacks which can be parried, Mikiri attacks which need to be Mikiried, jump over sweeps, etc. This second time I used the Mist Raven Feathers prosthetic to dodge some of his attacks.

Shigekichi of the Red Guard

This is a repeat of Juzuo, just a little harder. I didn’t even use the spear-technique this guy used. He was reasonably difficult, harder than all the other Sumo wrestler minibosses, but not that bad. If you can beat Juzuo and Tokujiro you can beat this guy.

Ujinari Mizuo

This guy is a repeat of Jinsuke Saze, but HARDER. He is a prelude for Isshin. He has the Ashina Cross, a fast-drawing 1hit KO. He keeps his sword in it’s sheath, until he draws it and kills you in a fraction of a second.

Hold back, don’t attack him. The first person to draw their sword dies. With Jinsuke, his tell was when his sword flashed the second before he drew it. With Ujinari, his tell his his hand moving towards his sword hilt. STARE AT HIS SWORD HAND. WHEN IT BEGINS MOVING TOWARDS THE HILT, HIT THE PARRY BUTTON. The timing window on this one is very difficult. Follow the parry up with attacks. Use fire to stun him. Get it right and you’ll rip him a new one.

Juzuo the Drunkard 2.0

First, clear his adds one at a time using stealth deathblows. Kill one dude, then run away. Kill another dude, run away. Start with the small archer guys, then kill the purple ninja who’s with him, and start the fight proper with a stealth deathblow to Juzuo himself. Then when you fight Juzuo, it’s the same as before but with more health. I used the Mist Raven Feathers prosthetic to dodge his attacks and hit him from behind.

Owl (Father)

I was having a ton of trouble with this one until I figured out what I was doing wrong. All of the guides I read/watched kinda sucked.


Owl (Father) punishes mistakes. If you try to run away, he’ll chase you down and interrupt your attempts to heal and kill you. You HAVE to engage him in sword combat at all times in order to have control of this battle. If you give him space, you’re letting him win.

In Phase 1 he has two DANGER kanji attacks. When he’s far away from you, the DANGER alert means you’re about to be attacked with a piercing attack. Get ready to Mikiri. If he’s up close, the DANGER kanji means he’s going to be doing a sweeping attack, so jump over it, and if you can jump off his head. Remember this rule of thumb so it’s reflexively easy.

In Phase 2 he gains an additional DANGER attack. He throws his firebird at you. You need jump over the bird. He follows the firebird up with a piercing charge. Mikiri that charge.

If you need to heal, don’t try to run away from Owl to heal. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but you must engage Owl in sword combat if you need to heal. Parry Owl until you see an opening, then attack him. Once you deal damage he’ll run away. When he runs away you have a one or two second window to heal. Even then, try to hide behind a pillar to protect yourself from a shuriken. Otherwise, if you try to heal he’s going to mess you up.

Learn his attacks. Get good at his timings. And for the love of all that is holy, do not do a thrust attack against him, because he will Mikiri Counter you. And if he knocks you to the ground, roll away ASAP, because he’ll shinobi deathblow you. Don’t stand still with this guy.

I didn’t need any combat arts in this fight, so I de-selected the combat arts in the menu so I didn’t accidentally use it. I found myself accidentally Ichimonji-ing when I didn’t want to, and it got me killed more than once.

If he pins you in a corner, use the Mist Raven Feathers prosthetic to escape it.

If he uses fireworks against you to stun you, you have two options. First, try to run/jump past him so you’re next to him when the fireworks go off. I found this unreliable. Second, when he uses fireworks take a step or two back so the fireworks go off without stunning you, then run forward and start attacking him. There is an opening to hit him after he does the firecracker attack, but you can’t take advantage of it if you’re stunned.

So here’s an example of what to do when fighting him:

  • Engage him.
  • Parry mode. After hitting him twice he’ll counterattack. Parry his counterattack.
  • Eventually, after you parry him for a few seconds, there will be an opening in his attacks for you to counterattack. Go on the offensive. Attack him twice.
  • Once you’ve dealt damage, he’ll then either start attacking again or jump away.
    • If he attacks, parry mode.
    • If he jumps away, either
      • chase him down or
      • heal and chase him down. No hesitation.
  • Repeat until phase 1 ends

Phase 2 is a beast. As mentioned, he can now throw a firebird at you. Jump over the bird, and Mikiri the followup. Additionally, he’ll occasionally vanish. When he vanishes, you need to start running around in large circles as fast as you can, because when he reappears he’ll jump down on you and kill you. Don’t stand still or you die.

I burned through Phase 2 quickly using the Phantom Kunai Shuriken Prosthetic. Once he enters phase 2, start using fully charged butterfly shurikens against him. This will deal significant vitality damage against him. Use a sacrificial tanto to throw more shurikens at him. Now that he’s low on health, he’s easier to kill. You must use the Phantom Kunai upgrade because it deals vitality damage despite being blocked. I tried with the Lazulite upgrade, and it didn’t work. It has to be Phantom Kunai.

So in Phase 2 follow the same rules as Phase 1, but be mindful of the bird you need to jump over, throw some shuriken and try not to die. Be as brutal as you can and make this fight short, because in the long term he’ll land enough damage against you to use up your healing items and kill you.

Demon of Hatred

Get the Suzaku Lotus Umbrella and the Malcontent Finger Whistle coupled with the Sacrificial Tanto. I used the Yashuriko’s Sugar strat featured in this video, and it worked really well. I used it to basically skip phase three. Follow this guide, I found it really helpful. Made this notoriously difficult end-game fight really doable.

When you see the DANGER kanji, jump. Sweeps are the only DANGER in this fight, and jumping lets you dodge them. Use the umbrella when he jumps into the air, and run away from the meteor volley. Finally, stay up close to him, preferably behind him. He can’t deal damage to you if you are all up in his face, except by stepping on you. But you can parry his feet, so if you see him about to step on you hit the parry button. (How do you parry a giant demon foot?)

There is a strategy to cheese this boss, but I couldn’t get it to work. And honestly? This boss was hard but not that hard (at least using this strat). Follow this guide and you’ll be good.

Genichiro, Way of Tomoe/Isshin, the Sword Saint

I couldn’t find a guide to help me through this fight. There are some strats to cheese it, but I couldn’t get them to work.

Phase 1: Genichiro again, but easier this time. He doesn’t have lightning to instakill you anymore, and he also has an easily avoidable Mortal Draw attack which you can take advantage of to deal damage to him. When he does the big black scary attack, run behind him and deal damage to his spine. He sometimes does it twice in a row, and if he does, re-position behind him.

Genichiro has a grapple, sweep and two piercing DANGER attacks. If you’re standing near him, it’s difficult to tell them apart when he’s standing in the tall grass. So if you are standing near him and see the DANGER sign, no matter what I suggest you jump back and to the side to avoid them. This should let you avoid getting sweeped and pierced, and if it’s a grapple keep backing up afterwards because he persues you for a few moments. After that, go on the offensive.

His forth DANGER is a piercing attack, a long range dive. This attack is easy to Mikiri, and you should follow it up with a single sword attack to his health pool. So remember: DANGER up close, jump back and to the side, DANGER far away, Mikiri.

In this phase, Genichiro usually follows up his sword flurry attack with either a few more sword strikes or a piercing DANGER attack. So after you parry his sword flurry, prepare to keep parrying or to Mikiri the piercing.

I think his arrows move faster now than they did before, so they’re harder to dodge/parry while healing. So don’t bother healing. Wait for him to go into an extended sword animation, and use the opportunity to heal. Or hide behind boulders to heal.

Otherwise this is much the same fight as before. Parry the balls out of him, keep your posture low because his sword flurry builds posture damage like crazy, and you’re golden. Don’t bother with Ichimonji on him this time, he doesn’t leave himself open to it like he did before.

Phase 2: I found this fight to be impossibly hard, until I had a simple realization: this is a samurai duel, like in the old school movies. Just like with Saze and Mizuo above, the first person to draw their sword loses.

In this phase, I found it best stay at a significant distance (I’d say twenty feet/ seven meters or so) or more. As long as you are far away, you are in control of the fight and determining the course of the battle(for this phase). If you are this far away, he has three ways of damaging you:

  • he will jog laterally against you, trying to flank you, and then move in to do a three sword strike combo. Stay out of range/parry the combo, then attack him TWICE. The first attack will probably hit his vitality, the second will be parried by him.
    • After your two attacks you should go into parry mode and disengage. He will provide you an opportunity to disengage.
  • He will perform an Ashina Cross attack against you (aka the 1 hit KO ability Saze and Mizuo above both had).
    • The animation for this begins by him putting his sword in his sheath, then there’s a flash of light, then he bends over, then there’s a flash of light, then he pulls out the sword and kills you in a fraction of a second.
    • If you see this attack about to begin, LOOK AT HIS SWORD. HIT THE PARRY BUTTON WHEN THE SECOND FLASH OF LIGHT OCCURS. The parry window for this attack is even harder than Mizuo’s above.
    • After you parry him, attack him TWICE, then go into parry mode. You’ll get a little health damage in before you disengage.
  • Third, he has the ability to cut the wind to damage you from the distance. It attacks in two waves, so be careful.
    • When you see this about to happen, run either to the left or right to avoid the wind.
    • Then run up to him from the side and hit him once or twice before you disengage.

If you are closer to him (I’d say in the 10-15 feet range/ 4-6 meter range)

  • He will pull do a look-alike for the Ashina Cross ability. He’ll put his sword in his sheath and look for a moment like he’s going to 1 hit KO you. DON’T BE TRICKED. THIS ISN’T SOMETHING YOU CAN BLOCK.
    • Instead, he’ll quickly strike at you, and then he’ll do an unblockable DANGER attack. If he performs a piercing attack, Mikiri. If it’s sweep, jump off his head.
    • Then attack him TWICE before you go into parry mode and disengage.

In this phase if you are in melee range with him (1-3 meters/1-9 feet, I think)

  • Parry Parry Parry. When there’s an opening, attack ONCE before you go into parry mode again.
  • Watch his sword. He does a three-sword-swing combo, which has a deceptive/delayed third strike which comes out even though it looks like his guard’s down. Be careful, this combo got me a lot.
  • He might try to Ichimonji you. Parry if you must, but it’s better to dodge and run away. If you let him, he will Ichimonji Double you, which is bad. Better to run away.

In phase 2, wait for Isshin to attack you, and parry his attacks. He moves FAST. Stay at range, so you have plenty of time to see him charge you. He has several methods of engaging you, and you should learn them all.

But don’t worry, Isshin won’t put too much pressure on you in this phase. If he does damage you, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to heal up. Back up and heal from a safe distance (50+ feet/20+ meters) The dude likes to stroll around the battlefield.

Take your time in this phase and learn it. As he doesn’t put much pressure on you in this phase, it’s easy for you to study and learn this phase. Let him attack you first, counter his attacks, then go on the offensive for one or two attacks. Disengage, take a few breaths, and think about what you just saw.

In phase 3 Isshin goes baller aggro on you. He pulls out a spear and a revolver from who knows where and proceeds to throw caution to the wind in his quest to hunt you down and dismember you.

This phase is best described as PARRY PARRY PARRY PARRY. He’ll jump at you, hit you with his sword, impale you with his spear, fire four rounds from his gun at you, hit you with his sword, again and again and again, and seemingly never leaving himself open to counter attack. Parry all of that.

Use the Loaded Umbrella prosthetic to block Isshin’s bullets, and then use the Projected Force talent to return the damage absorbed by the umbrella to Isshin.

To my knowledge Isshin does not have a grapple attack, so you don’t have to worry about that. When you see the DANGER kanji it’s always sweeps and piercing attacks.

He has a very telegraphed piercing attack with his spear which is easy to Mikiri. After you Mikiri him, counterattack with a sword attack to get some easy health damage on him.

So if you see a DANGER sign and it’s not the telegraphed piercing attack, you know it’s a sweep. Jump!

He’ll do a long-wind-up spear spin wind-attack in this phase. Either run away (which is a good opportunity to heal in this brutal phase), or firecracker it, or jump off the top of his head.

If you can, try jumping and dodging his non-DANGER attacks to help make opportunities to strike. I think his attacks in this phase didn’t have great tracking (tracking=the ability to follow you even when you dodge), so if you sidestep his attacks at the right times you can get in the right position to counterattack. If you only parry the full brunt of his attacks and never dodge, you’ll never find an opening to counterattack.

In this phase he’s basically a tornado of steel. Parry as much as you can, and look for your opportunities to dodge away and strike. I can’t really give you any more solid advice on how to get through this phase. Isshin means business. Look for your opportunities, keep your posture low, and stand behind boulders when you want to heal so he doesn’t interrupt your heal by shooting you/jumping on you.

When he does give you an opening to attack, you can at best hit him ONCE per opening, in this phase. If you fail to land that ONE sword swing, go back into parry mode. You’re just trying not to die here. You’re fighting this battle on Isshin’s terms, always on the defensive.

I tried Sabimaru, I tried the flamethrower, I tried the spear, I tried shuriken. They didn’t do anything. Firecrackers might buy you a second, or they might leave you open to getting eviscerated. Feathers were the same, working half the time and the other half not going off fast enough to help me escape. Stick with the umbrella in this fight, using it to block the bullets/projected force the damage back at him.

Phase 4 is the same as phase 3, but now with lightning attacks and wind slash projectiles. Dodge/run away from the wind slash projectiles and redirect lightning at him. Again, remember to jump at the very last moment for redirecting lightning. Most people think phase 4 is easier than phase 3 because lightning redirections stun him+deal significant health damage to him+you can land some attacks on him while he’s stunned.

For this fight don’t be afraid to use all your consumables in phase 4. This is the final boss in the game, so you might as well. When I beat him I used 9 out of 10 of my gourd health charges, all three pellets, Fine Snow, sacrificial tanto, Divine Grass and a Jizo statue.

You can get rice from the Divine Child of the Waters in Senpou temple if you talk to her. Rice is a heal-over-time like a pellet, but better. She’ll give you a new rice if you used up your old rice so it’s effectively infinite. If you do the Divine Child’s questline, you can get Fine Snow instead of rice, which is an improved rice. Fine snow is a heal-over-time which basically refills your entire health bar. Divine Grass is a full heal. Use everything you need to beat Isshin down.

And that’s the final boss. Good luck, and more importantly, have fun.


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