‘2000 to 10000: How to Write Faster, Write Better, and Write More of What You Love’ by Rachel Aaron

Overall Rating: Recommended with Reservations (How I Rate Books)

Personal Rating: This is a great book… if you’re a fairly advanced writer already. If you’re an author looking to improve your output, this book provides a strategy to do so. If so, I heartily suggest you check this out.



Genres: Nonfiction, Writing, How-To, self help

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Spoilers below. You’ve been warned!

I’m keeping this review short because this is a self-help sort of book. I can’t really review it in-depth without spoiling it’s contents.

This book contains advice on how to write. Specifically, it contains advice on how to increase your wordcount from 2000 words per day up to 10000 words per day, or more.

As an author, I found this book insightful. The author provides both standard advice and not-so-standard writing advice. As a guy who’s been writing for years and has several hundred thousand words written under my belt, the author provided an experienced-yet-fresh set of eyes on some problems I’m having and advice on how to move forward.

This book doesn’t really contain the basic information on writing. If you are a new author, I suggest you check out On Writing by Steven King instead. I found it insightful when I read it years ago. Instead, this book’s target audience is everyone who has a book or more under their belt already. This book gives advice on how to optimize an author’s work routine to achieve better flow and output.

This book contains a lot of ‘common sense advice’ about writing… but in my experience ‘common sense’ isn’t all that common. None of the advice is particularly groundbreaking, but I found the author’s no-nonsense attitude and format helped drive home the points.  For me at least, I welcomed this as a fresh set of eyes on my process. Sometimes you really just need a kick in the pants to reform yourself.

Additionally, this book is pleasantly short. I easily read it twice in one day in order to remember it better and take better notes.

In the months to come I’ll provide an update with how I felt this book’s advice felt.


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