‘5000 Words Per Hour’ by Chris Fox

Overall Rating: Recommended with Reservations  (How I Rate Books)

Personal Rating: Fun, fast paced, don’t think too hard about it




Nonfiction, Writing, How-To, self help

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Spoilers below. You’ve been warned!

Following in the same vein as ‘2000 to 10000,’ this is a how-to book on writing. It doesn’t cover the basics of writing, but the ‘get your ass in a seat and work’ angle. It has a slightly more down to earth, ‘try this method and you’ll improve’ sort of vibe to it as compared to ‘2000.’

Check this out if you’re a decently advanced writer. I think ‘2000’ had more solid advice, but this book’s method seems helpful. I read both, and liked both. I found both to be approachable and fun to read on their own merits.

If you’re not super experienced as a writer, I think some of this book’s advice (and the advice of ‘2000’) might be a little overwhelming. Both books advocate working really hard, and I think a baby writer who doesn’t yet know how to write on their own terms might be intimidated and turned off by the experience.


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