Useful Writing Resources

Here’s a list of useful writing resources that I’ve found. Hopefully you find them useful too.

  1. Writing fight scenes– Youtube video by Tim Hickson, aka Hello Future Me
  2. Writing Fight Scenes Vol. 2– Youtube video by Tim Hickson, aka Hello Future Me
  3. A Guide to Writing Fight Scenes by mikerophonyx
  4. Building an Authorial Program  Blogpost by MNBrian
  5. Structure: The #1 thing writers get wrong on submission– Reddit thread by Jeff Deleon
  6. A collation of Reddit Writing Advice Posts By DocCannery84
  7. Another collation of Redding Writing Advice Posts by DocCannery84
  8. The Myth of the Three Act Structure by The Screenwriting Hulk
  9. Dan Wells on Story Structure by Dan Wells
  10. Structure by -queercareerlady-
  11. Observations on the Practice of Writing by Voltaire the Second
  12. Fundamental Skills of Writing by the Reddit Hivemind
    1. Look at the comments! Lots of useful info
  13. The Common Lie Writers Tell You– by Brandon Sanderson
    1. You  can’t always do what you want to do, survivorship bias & dealing with failure
  14. Writing is Not a Talent; It’s a Skill by Bryce O’Connor
  15. Brandon Sanderson 2020 Lecture Series
  16. The MICE Quotient by Orson Scott Card
  17. Common Line Edits by Emma Darwin
  18. Basic Editing Advice by Reddit
  19. Dangling Modifiers by Emma Darwin
  20. Anatomy of a Scene by Diane Callahan
  21. Story Circle (A Variation of the Hero’s Journey) by Dan Harmon
  22. 5 Act Structure by Lesson from the Screenplay
  23. 5 Point Plot Structure by The Script Lab
    1. This is actually a 3 Act Structure Format
  24. Shakespearean Plot Structure by Tim Nance
  25. Pixars 22 Guidelines for stortytelling
  26. 10 Things I learned Writing by Trace Conger
  27. Characters are only as interesting as their relationships by Charlie Jane Anders
  28. How to systematically improve your writing by Ben Franklin- by Redditor springceo

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