A Review of ‘Religions of the Axial Age’ by Mark W. Muesse

This is a good basic lecture series on the topic of the Religions of the Axial Age. I’ve reviewed a book on this topic already (‘The Great Transformation’ by Karen Armstrong), and while I enjoyed that book it was more advanced than this one. If you’re curious on the topic, listen to this lecture series first and then read that one.

What is the axial age? It is the period of time when most of the world’s major religions had their start. This includes the Abrahamic Religions, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism and Hinduism. The lecturer did a good job explaining each of these religions foundational principles in depth, focusing most of all on the cultural context which birthed them, and the cultural synchrony between them.

This was good, and I do recommend you check this lecture out. If you want to learn more about any of the above religions, check this series out.

STARS: 3.5 OUT OF 5 STARS (5 stars=perfect, 4 Stars=Great, 3 Stars=Good, 2 Stars=Fun but Flawed, 1 Star=Not Recommended)

GRADE: Listen to this lecture series if you are researching the history of human religion

Overall Rating: Recommended (How I Rate Books)


Genres/Tagwords: Nonfiction, Lecture Series, The Great Courses, Religions, History, Philosophy, Religious History

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