A Review of ‘Zoroastrianism’ by Paula R. Hartz

This is a nonfiction book about the religion of Zoroastrianism. It covers the span of the religion, from it’s founding/reformation four thousand years ago, through the years of Persian dominance during the Ancient Era, through it’s gradual decline through the Medieval Era, and into it’s present manifestation in the Modern Era. Zoroastrianism is probably the world’s most ancient religion, having it’s origin in the pre-history era.

I’m not an expert on this topic, but I felt that the author did a good job of touching all the basics. I learned a few new things in the process. This book is able to be read by both children and adults.

STARS: 3 OUT OF 5 STARS (5 Stars=Perfect, 4 Stars=Great, 3 Stars=Good, 2 Stars=Fun but Flawed, 1 Star=Not Recommended)

Overall Rating: Recommended (How I Rate Books)


Genres/Tagwords: Zoroastrianism, History of Religion, Nonfiction

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