A Review of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Body Recomposition’ by Jeff Nippard and Chris Barakat

All cards on the table, I watch the author Jeff Nippard’s Youtube channel. He has good, scientifically accurate content about weightlifting. I won’t let that bias this review of his book. I will begin with the pros about this book, and the cons.

First, the pros. This book is about lifting weights, controlling your dietary intake, and gradually losing weight and building muscle over time. The authors explore the importance of protein, lipids and carbohydrates, and various micronutrients/amino acids, by going back to the source material and explaining it. The authors cited more than a hundred scientific journal articles about exercise sciences. They even cited some of the molecular pathways used, which I appreciated.

The authors go in depth talking about nutrition and supplementation, and less in depth about actually exercising/cardio. I appreciate the balance the authors made, because I already knew about exercise while I didn’t know as much about nutrition. I wrote down in depth notes while reading this, and I intend to re-create my lifting protocol/diet protocol based upon what I learned.

Finally, this is basic. It is a very general guide which is easy to understand. If you want advanced techniques, you won’t find it here. If you have only been lifting for a couple years, and want to make the jump into taking things seriously, this ebook provides a collection of all the basic information to make that jump. You won’t have to watch a dozen Youtube videos, or read a dozen blogposts to figure out the basics of food, supplementation, meal frequency, cardio and the rest. It’s all here.

Okay, now the bad.

I read this in ebook format, and it was a poorly formatted ebook. I tried reading it on my Kindle device, my phone and my PC, and it didn’t look good on any of them. For what it’s worth, the poor formatting was never bad enough to be distracting, so this flaw is not a dealbreaker.

This doesn’t cover stuff like Microcycles, Mesocycles, or Macrocycles, or any other form of periodization. I would have appreciated a chapter on the subject.

Judgement: Worth reading, great info, beware the formatting


Genres/Tagwords: nonfiction, sports, health, weightlifting

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