Reviews for ‘Rivers of London: The Fey and the Furious,’ ‘Practicing Mindfulness’ and ‘Orthodox Christianity’

Rivers of London: The Fey and the Furious

This is my favorite so-far Rivers of London Graphic Novel. In this graphic novel, the heroes must unravel a criminal syndicate which both smuggles unicorn horns, and operates a street-racing ring. I like pretty much all of the Rivers of London novels and graphic novels, but this might just be the best of them all so far. Check it out if you’re curious.

Practicing Mindfulness

This is a Great Lectures course on meditation and mindfulness. It covers topics like anger meditation, meditation on death, struggling through grief and pain, and several how-to guides on other individual meditations. I thought this was wonderful, and I have no doubt that I’ll listen to it again. This is the sort of thing which you’ll want to listen to multiple times, because of it’s how-to guides.

Orthodox Christianity: A Very Short Introduction

This is a 100 page nonfiction book on Orthodox Christianity. It is a historical document, describing the past events leading up to the schism between the Orthodox and Catholic churches. It is a ritual document, explaining some of the different chants and rituals used by the church. It is also a theological document, explaining the theological foundations which separate Orthodoxy from the different branches of Christianity.

I especially liked the historical aspect of this, describing events leading up until the modern day. For example, in the final chapter it described the 2019 foundation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, extracting it from the Russian Church. The reason this happened was politics: the Ukrainian Church wanted to escape Russian control. This book was published before the present Ukrainian/Russian war, but this book did point out how the Russian Church is a tool of the Russian Government. It’s really interesting how a book published only 3 years ago did somewhat predict the war that’s going on today.

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