What are you reading?

This past week I finished reading four books. They were:

‘Into the Fire,’




‘Almanac of WWI,’




Those book reviews will be posted in the weeks to come. This coming week I’m (still) reading ‘The Eye of the World‘ as an audiobook,


as well as ‘The First World War: A Very Short Introduction


and ‘The Invisible Library.’


If I have time I’ll start ‘The Little Book of Common Sense Investing‘ as a hardback


and ‘City of Stairs‘ as an audiobook.


What are you reading this week? I’m really looking forward to ‘City of Stairs,’ but ‘Eye of the World’ is really, really freaking long even when I have it playing faster than normal. So far I’m only halfway through with it. I’m liking ‘EotW,’ and I was considering reading the rest of the books in the series this year, but talk about long in the tooth!


As for writing and editing, I’ve done basically jack this week. I sent out one query, but that’s it.

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