Sunday Update

What are ya’ll up to? This week I read City of Stairs, The War and the Future and The First World War. I am presently reading



(That cover is amazing)



A Game of Thrones



I am also still playing Endless Space 2, during which I am listening to AGoT audiobook.

I didn’t do any typing or editing this week, but I have been outlining a future story. I’m not usually an outline sort of person, so this is a new experience for me.

What are all of you reading?

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  1. I would love to learn some more about your project to read 100 books in one year….now that you are at the halfway point it might be a good time to reflect on the project a little. Perhaps you could write a post (or maybe a series of posts) that answer some questions like: Why do you want to read 100 books in one year? How many books are you typically reading at once? How do you chose which books to read? What do you do to inspire yourself when you really don’t feel like reading a book? Do you read most of the books or listen to them on audiobook? Have you had to cut out other activities since you need to devote so much time to reading? What suggestions do you have for people who want to start reading more but have a hard time getting motivated?


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