‘NPR American Chronicles: World War 1’ Radio Review

Mount Readmore Review, 2017 40/100


NPR American Chronicles: WW1 By National Public Radio

CD copy of radio broadcasts

Finished on 4/25/2017


Genres: History, WW1

A brief series of snippets about America’s contribution into WW1

Spoiler-tastic review

This was easy listening. This ‘book’ was three hours long and is made up of many 15-20 minute segments, each segment about a different parts of the war. For example, they talk about the Lafayette Squadron (American fighter pilots who worked for the French) in one segment and in another they talk about how black and white Americans were not always able to put aside long-held animus for the greater good.

Was this a complete history of the entire (or even most) of the war? No. But it does provide some insight in a digestible package. If you have a family member who wants to learn more about the first world war, than this will be a good place to send them

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