Writing Accountability Post: I’m Alive Edition

Hello dear reader,

For the past two months I’ve been devoting my time and mental faculties to writing a bunch. In an effort to keep myself honest and productive in my writing I’ve decided to write up an accountability post about how I’ve been spending my time.


Between August 1 and October 1 I wrote about 160,000 unique words spread across three separate stories. Those three stories include three first drafts and one second draft.

For story 1 (tentatively named DUSKFALL), I wrote two drafts. The first draft was just over 55,000 words long before I abandoned it. The second draft is over 60,000 words long and still growing. Of that 60,000 only about 6,000 are carried over from the first draft.

Story 2 (no title) is 15,000 words long. I abandoned this work and folded it back into story 1.

Story 3 (tentatively titled A MAN’S REVENGE) is presently 33,000 words long and still growing.


I intend to finish DUSKFALL and A MAN’S REVENGE in the near future (read: next six months). However for the next month or two I need to take a break. My hands are starting to hurt real bad from typing and I’m almost getting behind schedule for my Mount Readmore Project, so I’m going to prioritize other projects for a bit.

Stay Sunny!

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