First Draft of ‘Arcadia Besieged’ Complete!

Two days ago I finished typing the first draft of my latest book, tentatively titled ‘Arcadia Besieged.’ I’m going to let it rest for a week or two before I begin edits. I hope that I’ll be able to publish this book one day soon, through one route or another.

To reflect upon this accomplishment, I decided to go through my files of everything I’ve written in the last ten years or so. Looking at all my files, I discovered that I have actually written a lot more than I remembered.

I doubt that any of you actually care about my surplus of trunk novels (trunk novel= books I’ve written but will not make public), but I want to make this public. When I was first starting to write I didn’t have a good grasp of how many books an author can write before writing anything of publishable quality. Hopefully someone else can use this to give themselves perspective of what it can take.

To date, here is a list of everything I’ve written.

MOVING SHADOWS, Incomplete at 80,000 words. Urban Fantasy. Written when I was in high school. Written in 2009?

THE ARCANE ILLUMINATI, Incomplete at 100,000 words. Urban Fantasy. Written as an Undergraduate. Written in 2010?

THE APOTHEOSIS OF VELINDRA DEUMONTEU, complete at 180,000 words. High Fantasy. Written in 2013.

THE GENETICALLY ENGINEERED AFFAIR, complete at 81,000 words. Urban Science Fantasy Cozy Mystery. Written in 2014.

THE DANDY AND THE DEVIL: A TRAGICOMEDY IN THREE PARTS,  complete at 145,000 words. High Fantasy. Written in 2015.

THE DEVIL WITHIN, Complete at 120.000 words. High Fantasy. Written in 2015.

THE DEAD CONTINENT, incomplete at 62,000 words. High Fantasy. Written in 2016.

FATEWEAVER, incomplete at 92,000 words. High Fantasy. Written in 2016

EVAYNE’S DELIVERANCE, complete at 48,000 words. Military Fantasy. Written in 2017.

and finally

ARCADIA BESIEGED, complete at 79,000 words. Science Fantasy Space Opera. Written in 2018.


Additionally I have about a dozen incomplete additional projects which are between the lengths of 20,000 words and 70,000 words.

Looking back on all of this, I can’t help but reflect on how far I’ve come. I sometimes feel imposter syndrome, that I haven’t worked very hard and haven’t accomplished much writing wise. However if I actually do the math I have written well over a million words. In the future I must begin publishing what I write, but for now I am content knowing that I have actually come a long way.

Stay sunny folks.


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