‘The 5:22’ Book Review

Mount Readmore Book Review, 2018 51/200


The 5:22 by George Harrar

LeVar Burton Reads Edition

Finished on 3/28/2018



Episode 22 of LeVar Burton Reads

When a fellow passenger on his usual train goes missing, a man begins to wonder if everything is as it seems.

Genres: Fantasy, Short Story, Mundane Fantastic, New Weird, Magical Realism

Where train-riding and anxiety over the decay of reality meet

Spoiler-ific review

A short review for a short story.

An MIT professor begins to question his own sanity when acquaintances he’s known for years disappear without warning. Just when everything seems to be getting back to normal, he find that he was right to be uneasy after all.

Stay Sunny!

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