‘Norse Mythology’ Book Review

Mount Readmore Book Review, 2018 104/200


Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Audiobook Edition

Finished on 6/24/2018



Neil Gaiman, long inspired by ancient mythology in creating the fantastical realms of his fiction, presents a bravura rendition of the Norse gods and their world from their origin though their upheaval in Ragnarok. In Norse Mythology, Gaiman stays true to the myths in envisioning the major Norse pantheon: Odin, the highest of the high, wise, daring, and cunning; Thor, Odin’s son, incredibly strong yet not the wisest of gods; and Loki?son of a giant?blood brother to Odin and a trickster and unsurpassable manipulator.

Gaiman fashions these primeval stories into a novelistic arc that begins with the genesis of the legendary nine worlds and delves into the exploits of deities, dwarfs, and giants. Through Gaiman’s deft and witty prose, these gods emerge with their fiercely competitive natures, their susceptibility to being duped and to duping others, and their tendency to let passion ignite their actions, making these long-ago myths breathe pungent life again.

Genres: Fantasy, Mythology

Hugin and Munin are Watching

Spoiler-ific review

Masterfully written by the luminary Gaiman, NORSE MYTHOLOGY is a primer to a handful of surviving myths. Told in an intricate and overlapping style which served to enhance the reader’s understanding, Gaiman did a wonderful job of creating a simple and approachable story about Norse Myths.

My favorite myth was the one about the Apples of Idunn, wherein Loki plays a trick on the gods and steals their immortality. Gaiman artfully painted Loki as a cruel trickster who is both friend and enemy of the gods, making him a droll and capricious character who’s a joy to read about.

I listened to the audiobook, and it was narrated by the author himself. He did a stellar job.

Highly Recommended.

Stay Sunny!


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