‘Chivalry’ by Neil Gaimen

Overall Rating: Highly Recommended (How I Rate Books)



Genres: Fantasy, Short Story, Humor, Arthurian, LeVar Burton Reads

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A small update at the end of this short review.


I liked this a lot. It will almost certainly be my favorite Short Story of the year. Basically, a silly old British granny purchased the Holy Grail at a flea market, and now an Arthurian Knight has appeared out of history in an attempt to win it from her. The plot was magnificent.

The acting by LeVar Burton and the structure and prose of the story worked hand in hand to make a stylish story filled with heart and humor. I Highly Recommend you give it a go. You can read it in less than an hour.


I am in the middle of reading ‘Escaping Exodus’ by Nicky Drayden. The review for it might be coming a little late next week. I got a good reaction to the extra-long review from last week, so I might do that again for ‘Exodus.’ As a result, the review might come a day or two late… but I’ll try to make it on time anyway.


  1. I’m slowly working my way thru all of LeVar’s retellings, but this short story left me wanting. It was sweet, no more no less. But anything LeVar reads is elevated by his voice!


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