‘Spells of the Curtain: Court Mage’ by Ted Neiderriter

Mount Readmore Book Review 2018, 141/200


eBook Edition

Finished on 9/23/2018


Genres: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Self Published

Were-Squids and You: Get a Job Genetically Engineering Chimeras for Fantasy Kingdoms!

Spoiler-ific review

I Highly Recommend this book for people who like highly detailed settings a la Brandon Sanderson but in a Self-Published format.

I Recommend this book for people who are regular fantasy readers.

I heard about this book through the ‘Functional Nerds Podcast,’ and I thought it sounded interesting so I decided to buy it and give it a whirl. I was not disappointed. I was mood for a short-ish piece of fiction (it’s 151pages), so if you want something short check this out.

The plot is a fairly light court-intrigue plot mixed with ‘main character’s secret history.’ I liked it, and if you like Steven Brust’s work you’ll probably like it too.

The book’s pacing is fast, but not break-neck. The author does a good job of adding in characterization here and there to temper the flow of the story and add depth. Also, the author’s prose was pretty good as well.

The setting and worldbuilding is this book’s strongest aspect. This setting contains everything from shapeshifters to genetically engineered (sorta) chimeras and walking trees. While more doesn’t necessarily mean better, I do think that in this case the surplus of exciting and weird setting details really strengthened my interest in the book. (What can I say? My degree in plant genetic engineering made this book more interesting for me.)

I always include some constructive criticism in my reviews, so here we go. The book had a slightly slow start. The author could have trimmed up the first 10% or so. That said, I’m still planning on checking out the sequels so it can’t be too bad.

Stay Sunny!

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