‘Shadows of Self’ by Brandon Sanderson

Mount Readmore Book Review 2018, 129/200


Audiobook Edition

Finished on 8/28/2018


Genres: Fantasy, Steampunk, Cosmere, Mystery, Conspiracy

Mystery abounds in Elendel as people are killed by a fallen demigod

Spoiler-ific review

Highly recommended for your average fantasy reader, but start with ALLOY OF LAW.

People start dying in Elendel, the capitol of the world, and Wax suspects an old serial killer who killed his wife is doing it. But the thing is, Wax killed that killer years ago, so how can he be back again?

Thus begins book 5 of the Mistborn series.

Plot: Good. I like mystery stories and this is a quintessential mystery novel… only with magic.

Setting: The Elendel civilization is fleshed out a little (not as much as I wanted), but Wax and Wayne also get to delve into ancient history (aka books 1-3 of this series). This callback was fascinating to read about as I am a fan of this series.

Characters: Wax got needed character development, but Wayne (while fun and vibrant to read) didn’t really develop.

Pacing: Brisk, almost too brisk. I would have liked some slowing down in order to develop the characters… but honestly I think this book worked as-is. Mysteries and Thrillers are usually designed to be quick, so this worked in-genre.

This was a worthy addition to the series, and the Cosmere as a whole. It provided hooks to the Cosmere, making this required reading if you’re a fan of the uber-series even if you haven’t read the other Mistborn books. If you didn’t like the initial Mistborn trilogy, give the Wax and Wayne books a try because they are significantly different.

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