‘Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience’ by Rebecca Roanhorse

Mount Readmore Book Review 2018, 152/200


LeVar Burton Reads Edition

Finished on 10/23/2018


Genres: Short Story, SciFi, Magical Realism, American Indian Fantasy, Nebula Award

Virtual Reality Meets Vision Quests

Spoiler-ific review

A short review for a short story.

This short story is very good. I highly recommend it.

The Wild West has been commercialized, and now tourists are paying to have shamanic vision quests via Virtual Reality. The main character’s job is that of a Spirit Guide through the Virtual World, giving anyone who asks for one a top-notch spiritual journey.

But of course capitalism has corrupted the mysticism, leading to a parable about the modern Native American condition.

The setting was fantastic. I can’t say much without spoiling the entire thing, but I liked what I saw.

Stay Sunny!


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