‘Trail of Evidence: How Forensic Science Works’ by Elizabeth A. Murray

Mount Readmore Book Review 2018, 126/200


Great Courses Lecture Edition

Finished on 8/15/2018


Genres: Nonfiction, Crime, Great Courses, Mystery, Lecture, Police Procedural

Do you want to know how to get away with murder (or perhaps how to hunt down a murderer)? Start here!

Spoiler-ific review

This was fantastic! Now all cards on the table, I converted this DVD into an audiobook so I could listen to it instead of watching it so I did miss some visual examples she presented. That said, I came away with a ton of information so I have no regrets. The lecturer provides solid information about how a crime scene investigator goes about their business of dusting for fingerprints, spraying luminol to detect blood and interviewing witnesses in an unbiased fashion (and much, MUCH more).

Focusing on the scientific aspects of this field of study instead of the more legal, the lecturer provides a solid (if basic) introduction to ideas like mitochondrial DNA and blood types. She goes into as much depth as is needed to inform without overloading the student. This lecture can be listened to as either an introduction to forensics for a student looking to learn more about their scientific field of choice, as a mystery author (like myself) looking to find out info on how to write a convincing Police Procedural, or by a curious member of the public who wants to know about law enforcement.

The lecturer pulls no punches, talking about several really heartbreaking cases of child death, mass murder, serial killers, arson, and more. Be warned as you go in, this is not filled with kittens and fluffy bunnies.

Highly Recommended.

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