‘Zero G’ by Dan Wells

Audiobook Review

Finished on 1/10/2019



Genres: SciFi, Children’s

Similar books: Home Alone (movies), Komarr 

Previous books in the Series:

Recommended Children’s story

Spoiler-ific review

This is a competent children’s story performed by a full cast production team. I can solidly recommend it to anyone between the ages of seven and eleven who wants to listen to a four hour adventure of one boy against five pirates who have taken control of his ship. It wasn’t my favorite thing ever, but I am extremely not in the target audience for this novel so I cannot in good faith hold that against it.

Plot: Zero is a smart young kid who loves playing around in zero gravity, and is boarding a colony ship with his family going to a distant star to set up a colony. After everyone is asleep pirates attack, with Zero the only person on board who’s awake to stop them. He has to use his ingenuity and what tools he has on hand to cleverly defeat them.

Characters: Zero is a fun kid… but that’s about it. I’ve read deeper Children’s characters before, written by Diana Wynne Jones or Tamora Pierce. Zero doesn’t really learn any valuable lessons, he just has an adventure.

Pacing: Slow start. It takes about an hour and a half for the plot to get moving. Additionally I felt there were one or two spots within the story where things slowed down and got boring.

Net total, this was a fun time which introduces kids to the notions of gravity, momentum, and  air resistance.


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