‘The Hanging Tree’ by Ben Aaronovitch

Audiobook Review

Finished on 1/9/2019



Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Peter Grant

Similar books: Storm Front, Dead Beat,

Previous books in the series reviewed: Midnight Riot, Moon over SoHo, Broken Homes

Highly Recommended Urban Fantasy

Spoiler-ific review

Book six in a seven book (so far) series, ‘The Hanging Tree’ is once again an excellent addition to the series. I feel like my reviews for this series are just degenerating into a ramshackle pile of superlatives, so I’ll just say this:

Go forth and read this series! There hasn’t been a stinker in all the novels in this series.

Character: Peter Grant is a fantastic POV, combining British humor with some genuine Urban Fantasy Protagonist sass.  Additionally, I really like the addition of the Somali Ninja Sahra Guleed to the crew- she’s an excellent Sculley to Nightingale/Peter’s Mulder.

Plot: One of Newton’s grimoires of magic has turned up, and everyone wants it. Not only do the Heroes of the Folly and the recurring villain known as the Faceless men want it, but also England’s local coven of women witches, as well as a cadre of American wizard mercs. To make matters worse, the daughter of a local magical VIP got all wrapped up in a drug bust and Peter’s placed squarely in the crossfire between mundane cops and magical entities.

Pacing: Strong. The book never lulls. My one complaint is that the author doesn’t slow down often enough to have some softer character-focused moments. There are one or two towards the end, but I wanted more.

Constructive criticism:

The biggest criticism I have is that the book didn’t increase the scope of the series’s setting in any way. In book one we introduced the gods of myth and fable. In book two we had jazz vampires and chimaera people. In book three we meet the Whisperers and the demi-monde. In book four we had the Faceless Man and the Russian Night Witches. In book five we had invisible unicorns and changeling fae. Here in book six we didn’t have any new groups, but instead have the return of the Rivers and the Faceless Man as main characters/antagonists.

Net total, highly recommended.


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