Accountability Update: Draft 6 finished

In the past month I finished writing and editing the third, fourth, fifth and sixth drafts of ‘The Great War, The Cruel War.’ It is now being critiqued by beta readers. So, yay!

I’m mentally exhausted and need to take a break. Not yay!

Seriously though, I need a break. For the rest of the year I’m probably only going to write reviews of graphic novels, because they’re fast and fun reads and don’t trigger my editing/critiquing brain when I read them. Also, I am simultaneously critiquing a bunch of unpublished manuscripts which I can’t do reviews for, so I don’t have the brainspace to read and review published novels.

Also I haven’t really exercised in the last week. I’m tired, and need to recover. I think I’ll go back to the gym next week, but maybe not.

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