“The Dresden Files: Dog Men” by Jim Butcher

Overall Rating: Recommended with Reservations (How I Rate Books)

Personal Rating: For fans of the series



Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Comics, Dresden Files

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Here’s a short review for this graphic novel. Contains mild spoilers.

This graphic novel was fun. It was like reading a Dresden Files book, but with pictures. In this story Harry and Listens-To-Wind travel to Louisiana to investigate the mass murder of a family by what appears to be werewolves. But when they arrive things aren’t as they seem.

I liked it’s plot, but didn’t love it. It was a bit simple. In particular, the villains in this story were a bit monotone… but that’s true for most of Dresden’s villains. I wish the Dog Men in particular were able to talk, to make them more compelling and give them more agency.

Honestly I think the ‘Rivers of London’ graphic novel series has kind of spoiled me. The plots in that series are so vibrant. But that isn’t to say this novel was bad! I liked that we got to see more of Listens-to-Wind and I liked how there is a mysterious government agency which Dresden had to cooperate with. I hope the setting developments in this novel are carried on to the rest of the series.

And finally, I liked the art style. I think this was hand drawn, and I appreciated that fact. The artist did a good job of bringing the characters to life, particularly Mouse and Dresden and Biggs and Lytle. I’ll probably read more of this graphic novel series just for the art alone.


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