On Pacing and Structure

Here is a list of all the articles I’ve written on the topic of novel writing Structure and Pacing. I am by no means an expert on the subject. I am writing these articles because by writing down my thoughts in an effort to educate you, I am also educating myself. I try to cite a couple resources for you to use in every post, so you can read them at your leisure and check my results.

  1. On Pacing and Structure (Part 1): The Basics
  2. On Pacing and Structure (Part 2): The Hero’s Journey
  3. On Pacing and Structure (Part 3): The Three Act Structure
  4. On Pacing and Structure: Easy Structural Tips and Tricks
  5. On Pacing and Structure (Part 4): Five Act Format
  6. On Pacing and Structure (Part 5): Save the Cat!
  7. On Pacing and Structure (Part 6): Seven Point Plot Structure
  8. On Pacing and Structure (Part 7): The Fundamental Principles- What is an Act, and How Do You Use Them?
  9. On Pacing and Structure (Part 8): The Heroine’s Journey
  10. On Pacing and Structure (Part 9): The Inciting Incident


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