‘Bovespo Ecodome PD’ First Draft Complete

I just finished the first draft of the novella ‘Bovespo Ecodome PD.’ It is a Fantasy Cyberpunk novella with Thriller elements. It clocks in at just under 40,000 words long, before edits. I began it in the middle of September, so I’ve been working on it for one month to get to this part.

In my last update I mentioned I had as a goal of writing four stories this year. So far I’ve written three. ‘Bovespo Ecodome PD’ is only a novella, however I count it anyway. I am planning on attempting NaNoWriMo again this year so I can scratch the ‘four books in one year’ thing off my bucket list. I intend to only write a novella for NaNo so it’s easier to do (and so I don’t burn out my hands like I did last year).

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